Alex Baltusch has 25 years of business experience in finance and technology
Alex leads Alex Baltusch - Consulting & Business Development, consulting leading financial organizations and fintech companies.
Alex was the CEO and co-founder of anonyme, a start-up providing a privacy-protected ML and analytics platform. Prior to that, he served as SVP, Chief Risk Officer at CAL (Israel 2nd largest credit card company) where he was responsible for group risk management, risk models and underwriting processes, compliance, fraud prevention and security. His previous positions include SVP Group Credit Risk Management and VP Strategy and Business Development - Digital Banking at Bank Hapoalim (Israel’s largest Bank), and VP Projects at a leading digital solutions company.
He lectures on Fintech and Risk Management at the Tel Aviv University – MBA program and CIIM, Cyprus.
Alex holds a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering from the Technion and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.
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