Strategy and Innovation
Clients benefit from our focus on technology and innovation for achieving business goals and gaining a competitive advantage. Our customized strategies enable companies to achieve growth, adapt to changing market conditions, and enter new markets.
- Advanced data analytics: segmentation, insights, and analysis
- Innovation strategies
- Business development
- New products development
- Design, optimization, and implementation of operating models and processes, cost reduction, and organizational restructuring initiatives​​​​​​​
Relevant experience examples
We are helping our clients with strategy building and business development initiatives: 
- Establishing a retail credit BNPL strategic partnership
- Evaluating and structuring a credit portfolio transaction
- Creating an innovative business credit card joint venture
- Analysis and evaluation of M&A and VC investments 
Risk Management
We have deep expertise across risk management and finance, compliance, regulation, and data privacy. Our consulting services and solutions are provided at the BoD level, senior management level, risk management division and as part of the risk management process at the business unit level.
Our solutions cover all aspects of risk management and compliance:
- Enterprise Risk Manangement
- Risk modeling and analytics, model validation and performance      enhancement, combining risk and finance expertise
- Risk profile management and performance management
- Agile credit underwriting processes
- Fraud prevention
- Policy, Compliance, and Regulation
- Data Privacy
Relevant experience examples
We are consulting our clients on a variety of risk management challenges: 
- Organizational restructuring of Risk Management function
- Strategic Risk and Investment policies and procedures
- Redesigning Retail and SME underwriting risk models and digital underwriting process
- Establishing company data privacy policy and governance
Digital/Technology Solutions
Multidisciplinary hands-on experience in designing and building innovative digital strategies, digital products and end-to-end solutions.
- We cover the entire digital lifecycle, including:
- Digital Strategy
- Product Strategy and Roadmap
- Data & IT Strategy
- UX/UI Design
- Digital Transformation
- Project Management and Delivery
Relevant experience examples
We are working with our clients on a variety of digital projects: 
- End-to-end “analog to digital” transformation
- Onboarding and product selection
- Digital customer journey
- Financial legacy system modernizations
- Big-data analytics solution for credit underwriting
- Privacy-compliant data sharing and analytics

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